Watch Official Trailer of Comrades! Movie Commercial 2021 Featuring Julia Vysotskaya

Information About Latest Comrades! Movie by NEON Rated Dear Featuring Julia Vysotskaya TV Commercial Trailer

NEON Rated Dear Comrades! Movie trailer commercial is the newest 2021 TV commercial ad of NEON Rated, also known as Comrades! Movie release date, Julia Vysotskaya newest movie, Comrades! Movie official trailer, NEON Rated latest movies 2021, watch Comrades! Movie, Comrades! Movie cast. NEON Rated try to promote products ‘NEON Rated Dear Comrades!’ through Julia Vysotskaya NEON Rated Dear Comrades! Movie TV advertisement.

A strike commences 1962 Novocherkassk when the Communist government raises the price of food, a revolt to which Soviet troops respond by promptly gunning down demonstrators in one of the era’s bloodiest massacres. During the chaos, a woman, Lyuda, loses track of her daughter, and sets off intent on finding her. However, she hits a brick wall when she realizes the KGB, in an effort to maintain the appearance of a strong and loyal workforce, is denying that the protest ever took place. “Dear Comrades!” is available December 25, 2020.

Actor/Actress in NEON Rated Dear Comrades! Movie Advert 2021

Actor/actress in NEON Rated Dear commercial Comrades! Movie are below:

Julia Vysotskaya – Lyudmila ‘Lyuda’ Syomina, Andrey Gusev – Viktor, Sergei Erlish – Lyuda’s father, Vladislav Komarov – Loginov, Yuliya Burova – Svetka, Lyuda’s daughter

Song in NEON Rated Dear Comrades! Movie Featuring Julia Vysotskaya Commercial 2021

Song in Julia Vysotskaya NEON Rated Dear Commercial Comrades! Movie trailer. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in NEON Rated Dear TV commercial Comrades! Movie. No information which song is used in the NEON Rated Dear Comrades! Movie Featuring Julia Vysotskaya TV commercial ad 2021

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