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Information About The Grudge Movie Trailer 2019

The Grudge Movie Trailer commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Sony Screen Gems. Sony Screen Gems try to promote their products ‘Sony Screen Gems The Grudge’ through The Grudge Movie Trailer advertisement.

During her investigation of a mysterious suburban home, Detective Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) uncovers an evil and vengeful spirit. The young investigator soon finds herself the target of a tormenting curse, brought about when a mother murdered her entire family in the same house several years prior. She must work fast to uncover the secrets of the domicile’s bloody past, all while protecting her son and herself from the phantasm’s wrath. Based on Takashi Shimizu’s Japanese original, “The Grudge,” in theaters Jan. 3, 2020, is rated R.

Actor in The Grudge Movie Trailer Commercial 2019

Andrea Riseborough – Detective Muldoon, Betty Gilpin – Nina Spencer, Demián Bichir, Frankie Faison – Mr. Matheson, Jacki Weaver, Joel Marsh Garland – Detective Greco, John Cho – Peter Spencer, Lin Shaye – Faith Matheson, Nancy Sorel – Agent Cole, Tara Westwood – Fiona.

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