Song in THINX TV Commercial Ad MENstruation

Information About THINX MENstruation Commercial Song by Instant Karma feat The Implications

THINX MENstruation Song by Instant Karma feat The Implications commercial is the new TV commercial ad of THINX. THINX try to promote their products through THINX MENstruation advertisement.



THINX imagines a world where men and women both get periods. How different would things be if dads and sons had that awkward, “I got my first period” talk? If they passed pads under toilet stall walls to a needy neighbor or had to check their butt for any leaks before leaving the bathroom. What if we all could be on call for that extra tampon or knew the particular discomfort of having to wear full (and THINX means full) coverage underwear when everyone else is free-balling in the locker room? What if both people in a steamy embrace had to pause the moment to announce that they’re on their period? THINX thinks we’d be a lot more comfortable with periods if we all had them.

Song in THINX MENstruation Advert 2019

Song in THINX MENstruation commercial is Shine On by Instant Karma featuring The Implications.
This song is available on iTunes you can listen and download it form iTunes store.
The preview of Song in THINX MENstruation tvc ad is Shine On by Instant Karma featuring The Implications is below.

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