Song in Sway Apple iPhone X TV Commercial Ad

Information About Latest Apple iPhone X Sway Advert

Apple iPhone X Sway commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone try to promote products ‘Apple iPhone AirPods, Apple iPhone X’ through Chris Grant Apple iPhone X Sway TV advertisement.

As she walks past shops, a woman puts in her Apple iPhone Airpods and begins dancing to the slow vocals of Sam Smith’s “Palace.” During her escape from reality, she runs into a man who catches her in his arms. After she shares one of her Airpods with him, he too is inspired by the music and they continue to dance together. Traveling through the snow, they use car tops, bridges and even a wall as props to dance upon. Apple encourages us to “Move someone this holiday.”

Song in Sway Apple iPhone X Commercial

Song in Apple iPhone X TV commercial ad Sway is ‘Palace’ by Sam Smith. Sam Smith’s song ‘Palace’ is available on iTunes you can listen and download it form iTunes store.
The preview of ‘Palace’ song in Apple iPhone X commercial by Sam Smith is below

To listen full song or download please follow below link.


Actors/Actress in Apple iPhone X Sway song by Sam Smith Advert

Actor/actress in Apple iPhone X Sway TV commercial ad are below:

Chris Grant – Dancing man

Lauren Yalango-Grant – Dancing woman

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