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Song in Secret Shoppers The Kroger Company Commercial Secret Agent Man

Information About Latest The Kroger Company Secret Shoppers Commercial Secret Agent Man Song by Johnny Rivers

The Kroger Company commercial Secret Shoppers is the new 2021 TV commercial ad of The Kroger Company. Also known as Secret Shoppers advert song. Johnny Rivers latest songs 2021. The Kroger Company TV commercials 2021. The Kroger Company try to promote products through The Kroger Company Secret Shoppers TV advertisement.

A spy sneaks around a Kroger store wearing a disguise, closely inspecting the produce with his magnifying glass. His cover is blown shortly after an accessory part of his incognito costume flies off his face. A child is quick to pick up the accessory and helps him maintain his disguise and keeps it a secret. The Kroger Company claims that it makes sure to have the freshest produce available by sending in secret shoppers for inspections.

Song in The Kroger Company Secret Shoppers TV Spot 2021

Song in The Kroger Company’s Secret Shoppers advert is ‘Secret Agent Man’ by Johnny Rivers. Johnny Rivers’s song ‘Secret Agent Man’ is available on iTunes store.
The preview of ‘Secret Agent Man’ Song in The Kroger Company commercial 2021 by Johnny Rivers is below

To listen full song or download please follow below link.


Actors/Actress in Secret Shoppers The Kroger Company Advert Song by Johnny Rivers

Actor/actress in The Kroger Company TV commercial ad Secret Shoppers Song by Johnny Rivers. Sorry no information about who are actor/actress in the The Kroger Company TV Commercial Secret Shoppers Song by Johnny Rivers.

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  1. It is too bad they couldn’t find a singer who could pronounce the word “agent”.

  2. So kroger can’t trust their managers to make sure employees do their own jobs? And to the point that they have to make an entire ad about someone needing to sneak around and watch them?!


    Contact me for advertising marketing or managerial positions because apparently anyone can do any it better than the whoever you hired

  3. You need to take that commercial off the air! It does not say agent it says Asian! I can’t believe even used it!

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