Song in Kitchen Choir Rakuten TV Commercial Ad

Song in Kitchen Choir Rakuten TV Commercial Ad

Information About Latest Rakuten Kitchen Choir Advert 2020

Rakuten Kitchen Choir commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of Rakuten. Rakuten try to promote their products through Rakuten Kitchen Choir TV advertisement.

To the tune of Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” a woman sings about the deals she finds on Rakuten. She scores 15% cash back on a pair of jeans and her kitchen island transforms into a piano and descends into an otherworldly dimension below her house. As she serenades about all of the things she’s going to buy with her balance, including a yoga mat and a bicycle for her son, backup singers and a giant lighted Rakuten sign appear behind her. Rakuten invites you to feel the joy of cash back with its app.

Song in Rakuten Kitchen Choir Commercial 2020

Song in Rakuten TV commercial ad Kitchen Choir is ‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John. Elton John’s song ‘Rocket Man’ is available on iTunes you can listen and download it form iTunes store.
The preview of ‘Rocket Man’ Song in Rakuten commercial 2020 by Elton John is below

To listen full song or download please follow below link.


About Elton John
Elton John was the biggest pop star of the ’70s, grabbing headlines and generating hits throughout the world. As it turned out, this was merely the first act in a remarkable career that kept him at the top of the charts for decades. He charted a Top 40 hit single every year between 1970 and 1996, a sign that he knew how to both change with the times, and mold the times to fit him. Initially marketed as a singer/songwriter, John soon revealed he could also craft Beatles-like pop and pound out rockers with equal aplomb. Source iTunes

Actors/Actress in Rakuten Kitchen Choir Song by Elton John Advert 2020

Actor/actress in Rakuten TV commercial ad Kitchen Choir Song by Elton John. Sorry no information about who are actor/actress in the Rakuten TV Commercial Kitchen Choir Song by Elton John.

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  1. Cat M

    Sorry to see Sir Elton John had to stoop so low as to allow his & Bernie Taupin’s priceless music be commercialized for a bush league cut rate company that actually rips off consumers.

  2. Danny

    I love the Rocket Man theme! It is GREAT!

  3. Maria H

    My husband (80 years old) and myself love this commercial. Lead singer/ choir is absolutely fabulous.

  4. Debbie

    I think it shameful that Sir Elton John sold out the song Rocketman to Rakuten another website to order crap from and putting small businesses to close their doors not to mention the USPS workers working overtime and NOT being compastated for it

  5. Di

    I love to listen to the lead singer in this commercial. I play it over and over. beautiful!

  6. Jerry

    I wanted to know who the singer was- ashtray knew the song…

  7. Joe

    Who is the lady singing in the commercial?

  8. D.b.

    I find the commercial offensive. Why is she not coupled and married. This single, baby momma narrative media pushes is so disgusting.

  9. Lise

    That lady has the most beautiful voice. Enjoy the commercial just because of her singing. I would buy her cd’s if she made some….unless she does🤔

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