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Dolittle Movie Trailer commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Universal Pictures. Universal Pictures try to promote their products ‘Universal Pictures Dolittle’ through Universal Pictures Dolittle Movie Trailer advertisement.



In the wake of his wife’s death, respected physician Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) secludes himself within the perimeter of Dolittle Manor, with only the animals of his eclectic private menagerie to keep him company. His despondency leads to revelation as the doctor learns he can communicate with the creatures in his collection. When the young queen (Jessie Buckley) falls gravely ill, Dolittle and his beastly new friends embark on a journey to a mysterious land on the other end of the world in search of a cure, and perhaps discovering a new lease on life in the process. “Doctor Dolittle” hits theaters Jan. 17, 2020.

Actor in Dolittle Movie Commercial Trailer:

Robert Downey Jr. … Dr. John Dolittle

Antonio Banderas … Rassouli,

Carmen Ejogo … Voice Over Regine),

Craig Robinson … Voice Over Fleming),

Emma Thompson … Voice Over Polynesia),

Frances de la Tour … Voice Over Ginko-Who-Soars),

Jessie Buckley … Queen Victoria,

Jim Broadbent,

John Cena … Voice Over Yoshi),

Kumail Nanjiani … Voice Over Plimpton),

Marion Cotillard … Voice Over Tutu),

Michael Sheen … Mudfly,

Octavia Spencer … Voice Over Dab-Dab),

Ralph Fiennes … Voice Over Barry),

Ralph Ineson … Arnall Stubbins,

Rami Malek … Voice Over Chee-Chee),

Selena Gomez … Voice Over Betsy),

Tom Holland … Voice Over Jip)


Song in Dolittle Movie TV Advert

Song in Universal Pictures Dolittle Movie Trailer TVC ad is What a Wonderful World by AG x Reuben and the Dark.
This song is available on iTunes you can listen and download it form iTunes store.
The preview of Song in Universal Pictures Dolittle Movie Trailer advert is What a Wonderful World by AG x Reuben and the Dark is below.

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About Reuben And The Dark

Based in Calgary, Alberta, indie folk quartet Reuben and the Dark formed after the release of bandleader Reuben Bullock’s first solo album, Pulling Up Arrows, in 2010. Bullock was already performing with his brother Distance Bullock (percussion, cello), and was searching for like-minded musicians to help interpret his intense, brooding folk songs on-stage. They were joined by multi-instrumentalist Shea Alain and bassist Scott Munro and began performing together under the name Reuben and the Dark. Using this new ensemble, he recorded 2012’s Man Made Lakes, which boasted a fuller sound thanks to the added group harmonies of his bandmates. Although it was billed as Bullock’s second solo album, it was recorded as a band and they hit the road together touring Western Canada.

Source Apple Music

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