Song in Cadillac TV Commercial ‘Something a Little More Cadillac Commercial’

Song and singer in new Cadillac commercial ‘Something a Little More Cadillac Advert’

The brand Cadillac release their new TV Commercial ad. The title of new Cadillac advert is ‘Something a Little More Cadillac’

Information about ‘Something a Little More Cadillac’ Commercial ad.

As people step into their Cadillacs and take off down dirt roads and city streets, the automaker says it’s time to move up. Cadillac encourages you to get next gen connectivity and advanced safety features with its XT4, XT5 and Escalade models.

Advertiser of ‘Something a Little More Cadillac’ commercial try to promote their products.

List of products: ‘2019 Cadillac XT4 Luxury, Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac XT5’

Song in ‘Something a Little More Cadillac’ TV Spot is ‘Me and Your Mama’  by  Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino is the singer who has singed that song

Cadillac TV Commercial ‘Something a Little More Cadillac Commercial’

About Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is the alter ego of multi-hyphenate American entertainer Donald Glover, who is also known for acting roles on television shows like Community and the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Atlanta, as well as the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. As Childish Gambino, Glover refined his off-kilter brand of hip-hop on his 2013 breakthrough album Because the Internet, before making a sharp turn toward R&B-inspired funk, which won him a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance in 2017 for the single “Redbone.” In 2018, his politically charged song “This Is America” debuted at number one atop the Billboard Hot 100, buoyed by a viral music video that addressed gun violence and racial injustice.

The song ‘Me and Your Mama’ is available on iTunes. So if you like to listen or download this song please follow the link below.

The preview song in ‘Something a Little More Cadillac’ TV Poster

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