Song and Actor in Mazda3 Hatchback TV Commercial Ad Dream Bigger Song by Haley Reinhart

Information About Mazda3 Hatchback Commercial Dream Bigger Song by Haley Reinhart Advert

Mazda3 Hatchback Dream Bigger commercial is the new TV commercial ad of auto maker company Mazda. Get info which song is used in Mazda3 Hatchback Commercial. Who sing the song used in Mazda3 dream bigger advert. Actors in Mazda Hatchback Dream Bigger TV spot. Mazda try to promote their products ‘Mazda Mazda3 Hatchback AWD’ through ‘Mazda3 Hatchback Commercial Dream Bigger Song by Haley Reinhart advertisement.

As a woman unlocks her vehicle, her key turns into a red balloon that takes her on an aerial journey while Haley Reinhart’s cover of “Dreams” by The Cranberries plays on. She surpasses skyscrapers, brushes sunflowers in a field and experiences snowy mountaintops before being brought back to reality and finding herself making these trips in an all-wheel drive Mazda3 Hatchback. Actor in Mazda tv commercial ad is Adam Claus as Voice Over.

Songs in Dream Bigger Mazda3 Hatchback Advert

Song in Dream Bigger Mazda commercial is Dreams by Haley Reinhart. This song is available on iTunes you can listen and download it form iTunes store. The preview of Song in Mazda3 Hatchback Commercial Dream Bigger by Haley Reinhart is Dreams by Haley Reinhart is below.

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About Haley Reinhart

With a vocal style that landed somewhere between a jazzy croon and a throaty, soulful belt, Haley Reinhart became an American Idol finalist in 2011. She began singing as an eight-year-old, eventually earning a spot in her parents’ cover band while attending high school in Wheeling, Illinois. After graduating in 2009, Reinhart began studying jazz at nearby Harper College. Her first audition for American Idol arrived the following year, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2010, when Reinhart returned to auditions for a second time, that she advanced to the semifinals.

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