Sam Elliott Doritos Super Bowl Monologue TV Commercial Ad Teaser 2020

Doritos Super Bowl Monologue by Sam Elliott and Johnny Hoops commercial is the new 2020 Super Bowl TV commercial ad of Doritos. Doritos try to promote their products Doritos Cool Ranch through Sam Elliott Doritos Super Bowl Monologue advertisement.

A bustling tavern suddenly falls silent as Sam Elliott’s cowboy presence and resonant baritone voice command the room. The bartender slips him his usual, and he states that he’s got the horses in the back. From here, Elliott commences a gripping, spoken out rendition of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” Eventually, the tavern begins to vibrate rhythmically, and Elliot walks outside to inspect the source. Answers will come when the full spot airs during Super Bowl LIV on FOX.

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