Blindfold TV Commercial Ad

Information About Latest Blindfold Featuring Bonnie Hellman Advert 2020 Blindfold commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of try to promote products through Bonnie Hellman Blindfold TV advertisement.

After visiting a car buying website, a man is blindfolded and abducted by two surly men in a van. Under the impression that the car purchasing process would be handled entirely online, the kidnapping victim is shocked to learn he has been taken to an auto dealership run by some unsavory characters, who cackle viciously while hitting him with a contract to sign. All of a sudden, he is flipped back to reality where his new car is being delivered by a truck. says its customers never need to go to a dealership again because they can shop online and have cars delivered directly to them.

Actor/Actress in Blindfold Advert 2020

Actor/actress in commercial Blindfold are below:

Bonnie Hellman – Car salesperson

Song in Blindfold Featuring Bonnie Hellman Commercial 2020

Song in Bonnie Hellman Commercial Blindfold. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in TV commercial Blindfold. No information which song is used in the Blindfold Featuring Bonnie Hellman TV commercial ad 2020

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