Actors in Dr. Rick Methods Progressive TV Commercial Ad

Information About Latest Progressive Dr. Rick Methods Featuring Chris Witaske Advert 2020

Progressive Dr. Rick Methods commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of Progressive. Progressive try to promote products ‘Progressive Auto Insurance, Progressive Home Insurance’ through Chris Witaske Progressive Dr. Rick Methods TV advertisement.

Whether it’s the universal struggle to pronounce “quinoa” correctly, figuring out how to open a PDF file, or simply groaning too audibly when they sit down, Dr. Rick says that it’s a constant battle trying to prevent his patients from becoming their parents. While Progressive certainly can’t help with that, it can at least help its customers save on home and auto insurance.

Actor/Actress in Progressive Dr. Rick Methods Advert 2020

Actor/actress in Progressive commercial Dr. Rick Methods are below:

Chris Witaske – Dad

Song in Progressive Dr. Rick Methods Featuring Chris Witaske Commercial 2020

Song in Chris Witaske Progressive Commercial Dr. Rick Methods. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in Progressive TV commercial Dr. Rick Methods. No information which song is used in the Progressive Dr. Rick Methods Featuring Chris Witaske TV commercial ad 2020

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