Actor in XFINITY Holiday Reunion TV Commercial Ad

Information about XFINITY Holiday Reunion Advert Actor/Actress

XFINITY Holiday Reunion commercial is the new TV commercial ad of XFINITY. XFINITY try to promote their products through XFINITY Commercial Holiday Reunion advertisement.

Decades after parting from Elliott, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial returns to earth to visit. Elliot, now a grown man with a wife and two children, shows E.T. the advances in Earth’s technology and E.T. shows Elliott footage of his own family. E.T. eventually returns home, but not before leaving Elliott and his family with a special gift: a piece of alien technology that will allow them to stay in touch no matter how great the distance. XFINITY wants you to reconnect with old friends this holiday season.

Actor in XFINITY Commercial Holiday Reunion

XFINITY Holiday Reunion TV commercial ad actor/actress is Henry Thomas – Elliott.

Song in XFINITY Holiday Reunion advert

song in XFINITY commercial Holiday Reunion by Henry Thomas. Sorry no information which song is used in XFINITY commercial Holiday Reunion by Henry Thomas.

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