Actor in Motaur Herd Progressive TV Commercial Ad 2020

Actor in Motaur Herd Progressive TV Commercial Ad 2020

Information About Latest Progressive Motaur Herd Featuring Dusty Warren Advert 2020

Progressive Motaur Herd commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of Progressive. Progressive try to promote their products ‘Progressive Motorcycle’ through in Dusty Warren Progressive Motaur Herd TV advertisement.

As a herd of wild motaurs ride through a valley together, a man and his motaur friend observe the incredible sight. “It’s amazing to see them in the wild,” the man begins, but his comment is cut short as his motaur friend peers at the sight through a pair of binoculars and shushes him, wanting to live in the moment. For those who were “born to ride,” insurance coverage starts at $75.

Actor/Actress in Progressive Motaur Herd Advert 2020

Actor/actress in Progressive commercial Motaur Herd are below:

Dusty Warren – Motaur’s friend,

Terrence Terrell – Motaur

Song in Progressive Motaur Herd Featuring Dusty Warren Commercial 2020

Song in Dusty Warren Progressive Commercial Motaur Herd. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in Progressive TV commercial Motaur Herd. No information which song is used in the Progressive Motaur Herd Featuring Dusty Warren TV commercial ad 2020

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  1. Zelma Brown

    Agree this is a stupid ad. What do they eat? Gasoline? Where do they excrete?

  2. Lynda Weaver

    Love the Motaur commercials but don’t give Flo and Jamie a permanent vacation please‼️ It just wouldn’t be the same. Your could always let them be friends‼️By the way we have been insured by Progressive for way over twenty years

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