Actor in Fog Dell Technologies TV Commercial Ad

Actor in Fog Dell Technologies TV Commercial Ad

Information About Dell Technologies Commercial Fog Advert 2019

Fog Dell Technologies commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies try to promote their products through Dell Technologies TV Commercial Fog advertisement.


Actor Jeffrey Wright is walking through a cloudy office space with low visibility as he tries to explain the difficulty of managing multiple clouds for a business. After nearly walking into a glass wall, he explains that managing private, public and hybrid clouds can make people feel opaque. With the Dell Technologies cloud powered by VMware, businesses can rely on a single hub for a consistent operating experiences to cover all their platforms. The cloudy haze that once took space on the office floor is now contained within a single room to which Wright believes will bring clarity to the company. Actor/Actress in Dell Technologies tv commercial ad is Jeffrey Wright. Sorry no more info about which song is used in the dell tv commercial ad.

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