Actor in Esurance Stuck in the 90s TV Commercial Ad

Information About Stuck in the 90s Esurance Advert

Stuck in the 90s Esurance commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Esurance. Esurance try to promote their products ‘Esurance App’ through Esurance Commercial Stuck in the 90s advertisement.

Dennis Quaid says insurance can feel a little outdated, almost like being stuck in the 90s. This is due to all the paperwork, calling and searching for ID cards that people had to do. That’s why Esurance aims to make the process simple with its app that Dennis says has everything you need including starting a claim, paying a bill and your ID card. Actor in Esurance Commercial Stuck in the 90s tvc ad is Dennis Quaid. Sorry no more information which song is used in Esurance TV Commercial Ad Stuck in the 90s Featuring Dennis Quaid.

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