Actor in Different by Shadia Martin Samsung Galaxy S21 Commercial 2021

Information About Latest Samsung Galaxy S21 TV Ad 2021 Different Featuring Shadia Martin

Shadia Martin Samsung Galaxy S21 Different commercial is the newest 2021 TV commercial ad of Samsung Mobile. Also known as Different advert. Samsung Galaxy S21 commercial Different. Samsung Mobile try to promote products ‘Samsung Mobile Galaxy S21+ 5G, Samsung Mobile Galaxy S21 5G’ through Samsung Galaxy S21 TV spot Different featuring Shadia Martin.

During a road trip with friends, a woman realizes that her Samsung Galaxy S21 looks a bit different than past phones. Samsung encourages her to hit record and start discovering all of the features that are different about the S21. With cinema-quality video and the ability to pull photos straight from that video, it is easy for the woman to preserve her road trip memories. After a long day of driving and fun, the S21 still has enough battery life to make it through a late-night stop at a drive-in move theater. Samsung assures that not only is the device different, but it’s also made for the epic in everyday.

Actor/Actress in Samsung Galaxy S21 Different TV Spot 2021

Actor/actress in Samsung Galaxy S21 commercial Different are below:

Shadia Martin – Lead role

Song in Different Samsung Galaxy S21 Commercial Featuring Shadia Martin

Song in Shadia Martin Samsung Galaxy S21 Commercial Different. Sorry no information about who sing the song that used in Samsung Galaxy S21 TV commercial Different. No information which song is used in the Different by Shadia Martin Samsung Galaxy S21 TV commercial ad 2021

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