Actor in Black and Blue Movie Trailer Commercial 2019

Actor in Black and Blue Movie Trailer Commercial 2019

Information About Black and Blue Movie Commercial

Black and Blue  commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Sony Screen Gems. Sony Screen Gems try to promote their products ‘Sony Screen Gems Black and Blue’ through ‘Sony Screen Gems commercial Black and Blue TV Movie Trailer advertisement.



After returning home from Afghanistan, Alicia West (Naomi Harris) embarks on her new career as a rookie New Orleans police officer. When her body camera catches her partner kill a drug dealer, she becomes the target of his crew of crooked cops. West struggles to find people either in and out of the department that she can turn to in her fight to bring the corrupt parties to justice. “Black and Blue” hits theaters Oct. 25, 2019.

Actors/Actress in Black and Blue Movie 2019

Naomie Harris – Alicia West,

Beau Knapp,

Frank Grillo,

James Moses Black,

Mike Colter,

Nafessa Williams – Missy,

Reid Scott,

Tyrese Gibson – Milo “Mouse” Jackson.

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