Information about Liberty Mutual Bad Job Advert

Liberty Mutual Bad Job commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual try to promote their products ‘Liberty Mutual Car Insurance’ through Bad Job Liberty Mutual advertisement.

When you’re a terrible actor, you need to save money wherever you can. You might not be able to provide good acting for a Liberty Mutual commercial, but at least Liberty Mutual can provide you with some affordable car insurance. Your endless mistakes might get your voice dubbed, but you’ll save some money on your insurance by only paying for what you need. Actor in Liberty Mutual Commercial Bad Job advert is Tanner Novlan – Struggling actor. Sorry no more info which song used in Liberty Mutual advert 2019.

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  1. Love this commercial. He would be great in lots of roles

    1. The actor in Liberty Biberty is Fabulous!!! I must watch him and that commercial 10 times a day. Funniest commercial EVER he should be used in many other commercials as well as movies!! Not kidding. Has the looks, voice…he is exceptional! Hope he makes it into the movie industry. Thank you for the laughs

      1. Yes. This “bad actor” commercial is the smartest, watchable, funniest “non commercial “ seen in ages. Even if he doesn’t talk his actions are hysterical
        Give him more work!!!!!

        1. Priceless… wait that’s another commercial, never mind. …but he’s a freakin riot. Love this guy, he’s the confident dingbat, better than Joey on friends even. Liberty nailed it.

      2. I love this commercial. I hope they keep him. Love to see him in a movie.

    2. love this guy everytime I see tjhe spot it makes me smile.good actor

    3. Love this guy….I always stop what I’m doing and watch this commercial ….Please use him again and I hope he makes big as an actor …He’s got it…whatever “it” is !!

      1. I Love Tanner Novlan!!! Commercial always makes me laugh! Liberty Biberty! He needs to become a very famous actor!!!

  2. I agree. He’s so bad he’s really good. Great facial expressions.

  3. He’s really good at being bad,for sure.

  4. I love this commercial, it’s so funny, the actor reminds me a little bit of Brad Pitt

  5. This is my favorite commercial. The actor is great and I hope to see him in more Liberty Mutual ads. I’d also like to see him get some good acting jobs.

  6. Tanner Novlan is TERRIFIC in the Liberty Mutual commercial. Please let him do more, or something else because he is cute and very talented! Lilly P.

  7. Best Liberty Mutual commercial yet, actor has great timing and facial expressions … channels Joey on Friends.

  8. This is my favorite liberty mutual commercial! Always stop what I am doing to watch and laugh.

  9. Love this actor. A commercial that makes me laugh and enjoy

      1. The Bad Job commercial with Tanner novlans is really awesome.

  10. This guy should be your regular spokesperson! He’s super cool.

  11. Love Liberty Mutual’s struggling actor commercial. I want to see him more please. NOT that idiotic zoltar one!

    1. This guy and this commercial are hilarious!!! I absolutely love it and will run into the living room from another room if I hear it coming on. He plays it to the hilt! I want to get Liberty Mutual Insurance just because I love this commercial so much. Much better than that stupid emu commercial.

      1. Omg, exactly! My husband gets annoyed because I stop to watch this commercial and normally I fast forward through them. Lol. Love that guy; “Liberty biberty!” Cute.

  12. I hate commercials but I love this one and this guy U have for ur struggling actor…I hope this young man goes straight to the top…he’s perfect for this role and anytime a commercial about insurance can make U smile and laugh then this company and this fantastic young man got it right….I hope U use him in more commercials and also that someone in the movie and TV business hire this handsome man…his facial expressions are hysterical….whoever hired him kudos to U as well….

  13. The actor in Liberty Biberty is Fabulous!!! I must watch him and that commercial 10 times a day. Funniest commercial EVER he should be used in many other commercials as well as movies!! Not kidding. Has the looks, voice…he is exceptional! Hope he makes it into the movie industry. Thank you for the laughs

  14. Your actor in Liberty Biberty is beyond fabulous!!. Use him in (all) of your commercials, “please”…he is handsome, hysterical, professional, etc, should really be in the movies, not kidding. Makes me laugh all day as I rewind the commercial in my mind which is great for your company.
    You have a grade A winner there!! Hold onto him…Funniest commercial EVER!!!!

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  16. I love Tanner. He cracks me up Everytime I see him I never tire of him. He is also very sexy. O would like to see him in more commercials for Liberty Biberty😄

  17. Please Make Tanner your spokesman, he is adorable and funny, and that commercial is by far your best.

  18. This ad stinks! Hate it so much! The actor is just doing his job, so I don’t blame him for how bad the ad is. It’s stupid and juvenile and not funny at all. UGH!

  19. what is a rif? The actor uses this term during his commercial.

  20. Love this commercial. I had to look up who the actor is. Tanner is fabulous. I agree with all the comments. This commercial makes my day.

  21. To let you know the demographics you are reaching with the struggling actor piece, I’m a 69 year old male, and I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and watch your commercial.
    Find myself disappointed when I get the shortened version. My wife is now chuckling when it comes on.
    I like particularly the part when he is at the rail with his hand on his hip, turns to the director and asks “what if I come out of the water?”
    He can’t even get his lines right, and is trying to make the commercial even more complex.
    I wish good things for Tanner.

  22. I too agree the best ever insurance commercial. This actor is wonderful. I am a 73 yr. old female and i am addicted to this spot. Hats off to your staff the actor and your company. Homerun!

  23. I am currently writing my next novel and could see this actor being the main character. I would like to know his name because you never know what the future holds. If my book ever becomes a movie I’d like to know who to reference.

  24. I generally hate most commercials, but I have to say that this guy is the greatest! I hope he will do more commercials (and I though I would never say anything like that! – LOL)

  25. I agree, this actor nails it, but I’d also like to note how very well it’s edited – perfect! It’s just one goofball moment after another and it’s put together so very well. THIS is a keeper, guys! (Your stupid Zoltar theme- not so much.)

  26. What is he saying in the dubbed part? Love this commercial

  27. Love this guy, he is absolutely adorable. Every time, We have seen the ad so many times and we still laugh each time we see it. Hoping this ad will launch him in into a movies.

  28. So great and funny, HAD TO LOOK IT UP AND DOWNLOAD.

  29. Would love to see him on his own sitcom or movie some day soon. Great commercial.

  30. Who is this guy and what other acting roles has he done? I’m no expert, but I think he has a great future in comedy. This is the best commercial I’ve seen in a long time!

  31. Give Tanner more work. The public adores him and obviously wants to see more of him. What are you waiting for?

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  33. I love this guy. I hope he gets some parts. I always watch him and laugh. He is great. Please do a sequel. My favorite commercial. Thanks.

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